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EMAC 2020 Annual Conference

Sharing Economy Business Models: Impacts on Regions, Municipalities and the Public

Published: May 28, 2019


Doreén Pick, University of Applied Sciences Merseburg


Objective The special session aims to present business-related and publicly relevant challenges of the sharing economy. Together, all three studies provide frameworks for evaluating the potential future impacts of sharing economy business models on both commercial and non-commercial levels. Joint theme The papers cover three different services in the sharing economy that are used collaboratively with others (i.e., apartment sharing, ridesharing) or individually (i.e., bike-sharing). All papers focus on services in the sharing economy that have a potential to positively and negatively influence the community in which they are provided, thus allowing for implications for firms but also municipalities. In particular, research on the role of the sharing economy for the public is seldom investigated; a research gap that this special session intends to address. The first two papers take the perspective of sharing economy users who engage as providers but also suppliers of a sharing service (i.e., apartment, rides). First, if Airbnb guests become hosts for others, this may influence neighbourhoods (paper 1). This study investigates several motivators and inhibitors of Airbnb users to become hosts and, thus, micro-entrepreneurs. Second, if people share cars for joint rides (paper 2), this may help address transportation problems in urban and suburban regions and could also foster social relationships between people. This paper examines the determinants of using a ridesharing service as a driver but also as a passenger. Paper 3 (bike-sharing) zooms into the negative effects of misbehaviour by users and bystanders directed towards the shared items (i.e., bikes) and the consequences for cities. Contribution The papers provide insights into different areas and business models of the sharing economy and thus aim to encourage discussions in the special session. Moreover, the special session covers several methods and gives insights into different European countries, too.