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EMAC 2020 Annual Conference

The congruence between smell and brand image systematically influencing the consumer's reactions?

Published: May 27, 2020


Karim ERRAJAA, Paris School of Business


scent; congruence between odor and brand image; consumer reactions


Research has studied the impact of odors on consumer reactions, but little attention has been paid to olfactory congruence with product, sensory variables, consumer's gender, and even less to olfactory congruence with the brand image. The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of congruence between scent and brand image in improving consumer reactions in a the store. In order to validate this research question we used an inter-subject experimental design with 1 factor and randomized (odor highly congruent “n = 74”, odor weakly congruent “n = 54”, and control, “n = 75”). The study was conducted in the store (men's ready-to-wear). The results The results show no significant effect of olfactory congruence upon purchase intent, intention to visit, visiting duration, quality of product, and quality of services.