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EMAC 2021 Annual Conference

Advertising with a service’s maximum results: the impact of self-image and envy on the purchase intention and perceived value

Published: May 25, 2021


Christian Munaier, FEAUSP - University of São Paulo; Jose Mazzon, University of Sao Paulo; Edson Crescitelli, Universidade de São Paulo; Iná Barreto, CENTRO UNIVERSITÁRIO ÁLVARES PENTEADO (FECAP)


Elements of the socio-cultural environment (reference groups) and the psychological field (envy) in the decision-making process of consumer behavior are contemplated in this article, which proposed to intertwine these two concepts and understand how an advertising focused on the maximum or perfect results of a service can motivate or reject its purchase and increasing (or no) the willing of paying more for it, this being the contribution to both the literature and the management of this article. 49 complete questionnaires were collected and the data were treated via Exploratory Factorial Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Cluster Analysis and Analysis of Variance, which validated its 3 hypotheses: 1) the individual's level of self-image in the face of state-of-the-art communication the results of a product or service determines the purchase intention; 2) a self-image closer (distant) to the “state of the art” communicated arouses more (less) envy; 3) the greater the envy, the greater the perceived value of state-of-the-art communication and the individual's willingness to pay more.